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E-Procurement Software as a Service

WeManage e-Procurement can be deployed as customized solution or it can be subscribed as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Software as a Service (SaaS). WeManage.cloud e-Procurement offers the best practice online procure-to-pay solution as is, for quick roll out following best practices.

Solution Map

Vendor Self-Services

Vendor Account in Vendor Self-Services

Vendor Account

Vendor Registration in Vendor Self-Services

Vendor Registration

e-Tender in Vendor Self-Services


e-Award in Vendor Self-Services


e-Bidding in Vendor Self-Services


e-Fulfillment in Vendor Self-Services


e-Invoice in Vendor Self-Services


e-Quotation in Vendor Self-Services


Employee Self-Services

Purchase Requisition in Employee Self-Services

Purchase Requisition

Quotation Library in Employee Self-Services

Quotation Library

Tender Evaluation in Employee Self-Services

Tender Evaluation

Review, Validate and Approval Workflow in Employee Self-Services

Review, Validate and Approval

Procurement Management

Purchase Requisition in Procurement Management

Purchase Requisition

Vendor Management in Procurement Management

Vendor Management

Tender Management in Procurement Management

Tender Management

Award in Procurement Management


Contract Management in Procurement Management

Contract Management

Fullfilment and Vendor Billing in Procurement Management

Fullfilment and Vendor Billing

General Features

User Management

User Management

Approval Workflow


Dashboard and Report

Dashboard and Report



Form Factor and Accessibility

Form Factor and Accessibility



Tender Management

An organized platform to display tender information in the respective tabs. Tender Information, Status, Committees, Documents, Evaluation, Negotiation and many more.

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A unified dashboard provides informative details that you need to know. What’s more? You can click into the diagram to drill in to your particular pending task.

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WeManage Dashboard

Vendor Self-Service

Go paperless and Do-It-Yourself. Vendor now can provide softcopy instead of procurement or employee inputting information on-behalf of the vendor. Improve security and ease of maintenance by downloading document instead of using email attachment.

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Configurable and reusable workflow elements. Routing variable can be based on:
  • Department/Division Head
  • Job Grade
  • N-Level Supervisor
  • User Group
  • User Role
  • Specific User
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Configurable and reusable workflow elements

Challenges in Business Procurement

Procurement is a critical part of business operation. If purchasing is done right, it helps company in sourcing the right goods and services in acceptable price point, fair value and good quality. However, many organizations are facing constraints caused by:

  • Manual purchasing and approval process
  • Paper-based purchase document from employee and vendors
  • Labour intensive evaluation process
  • Manual data entry and silo email communications
  • Systems are operating in silo, not integrated
Challenges in Business Procurement

Benefits of e-Procurement

e-Procurement consists of the following framework:

  • Self-service capability, by all stakeholders such as employees, vendors, procurement officers, decision makers, recommenders.
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, and supporting various devices. Not desk bound. No hard copy documents.
  • With procedural controls, data validation and audit trail.
  • Integrated system that reduces data entries, thus reducing errors.
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Customized e-Procurement

For customized project, it often involves integration with financial system. Customer can choose to host the solution on-premise, or private cloud hosting. V-Work helps organization to extend from the ERP or financial system, e-enable the procurement process to be online for web and mobile access.

WeManage e-Procurement has standard connector with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and we can bundle D365 BC as operational financial module to help your business to provides a complete solution, including financial module.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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