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Updated on 8 December 2023.

I am a Buyer


What is eProcurement?

eProcurement is the process of requisitioning, sourcing, and purchasing goods and services online.

Unlike eCommerce, eProcurement is more than just purchasing of goods online. It allows buyers to build relationships with their network of trusted vendors, negotiate for the best price and value, as well as automate tedious tasks involved in tendering.

How do I choose a good eProcurement system?

Adopting a new system can be a daunting decision. When choosing the eProcurement system that’s right for you, consider the following criteria:

  • Understands the industry – does the system employ experienced Procurement consultants to advise their design and development based on industry best practices?
  • User-friendly interface – is the system easy to use and able to be rolled out quickly?
  • Information security – is the system certified with international standards for IT security such as ISO 27001?
  • Customizability – can the system be customized in line with your company’s workflow and approval processes?
  • Integration – does the system offer integration with your existing ERP or finance systems?
  • Customer support – does the system provide helpful and responsive support for onboarding and routine use?

Try WeManage eProcurement and sign up for a free Buyer account to see how we can help you digitalise and streamline your procurement processes.

What can I do as a WeManage Buyer?

Once you register for a Buyer account in WeManage, you will be able to use the following features:

  • Tender, Request for Quotation/Proposal/Information, Direct Negotiation
  • Purchase Requisition, Quotation and Purchase Order Management
  • Contract Management
  • Delivery Order and Invoice Management
  • Vendor Management and Evaluation


I could not register as a Buyer as it said that the Registration No./ Organization No. already exists.

The Registration No./Organization No. is a unique identifier for each company. If you see this message, it is likely that your Administrator has already registered the number with us as a Buyer. Do reach out to your Administrator or send us an email at enquiry@wemanage.cloud, and we will be happy to assist.


How do I access my former Administrator's account?

If the Administrator is still with your company, the Administrator can reassign the role to other user(s).

However, if the Administrator is no longer with your company, please send us an email at enquiry@wemanage.cloud, and we will contact you to verify your information.

Why do I need to White-label my company?

The white-label is used to set up your company's short URL and differentiate your company from other Buyers.

I am not able to add my bank account details. What should I do?

Check if the name of your bank account is in the system. If the bank you wish to add is not in the system, you may contact us via LiveChat or email us at support@wemanage.cloud to add your bank into the system.

How do I create a material code?

This can only be done by Admin users. You will need to first setup a Material Category and Material Sub-Category in the Settings page. Then, you can proceed to create the material code.


Why am I unable to invite Vendor(s) for a Tender/RFQ/RFP/Direct Negotiation?

You need to ensure that the Vendor(s) you want to invite to your Tender/RFQ/RFP/Direct Negotiation has already been associated with your company.

To do so, login to your account and click on your 'Home' page. You will see your 'Vendor Registration Invitation Link' in the top right corner. Copy the link and send it to the Vendors you wish to associate with. Once they click on the link, create a WeManage account and submit their company profile, you will be able to invite them to bid on Quotations and Tenders.

Why am I unable to see Tender Settings?

Only users who have been given the Procurement Officer access role will be able to see and access Tender Settings. Procurement Users will only be able to initiate tenders. Please check with your Administrator with regards to your role in the WeManage system.


How do I raise a quotation?

Go to the menu and select 'Strategic Sourcing', followed by 'Quotation'. You can click on ‘Add New Record’ to create a new quotation and fill in all the required details. This includes the Vendor List tab, where you can invite your vendors to respond to your quotation request.

I am not able to proceed with recommendation for my Quotation. What should I do?

This may be due to the Minimum No. of Quotation Submission. If the no. of quotations submitted by vendors is fewer than the minimum required, you may need to wait until the minimum no. of submissions is reached before you can proceed with the recommendation.

Could you help me change the quotation requestor name ?

If the Quotation status is still 'In Progress', you can request your procurement officer to change the quotation requestor name.

Vendor Management

Do I need to approve all registered vendors manually?

You have two options for vendor registration approval.

  • Option 1 requires all vendor profiles to be reviewed. In this case, one of your admin users should go to Application Settings and set ‘Require Vendor Profile Approval' as YES.
  • Option 2 auto-approves all vendors that submit their company profile. In this case, your admin user should unselect the 'Require Vendor Approval' setting.

How do I see the list of all vendors that are pending for approval?

Go to the Task page and select the Vendor tab. Use the status column to filter for vendors who are 'Pending Vendor Profile Approval'. You can click on each vendor's Reference No. to view their details and approve or reject them as needed.

How do I search for a specific vendor instead of going through the vendor list page by page?

In the Vendor Listing page, you can click on the column headers to filter or search for vendors based on fields such as their company name, category, etc

Why am I unable to search for a specific vendor in the vendor listing

First, you should clear any filters that have been applied in any of the column headers. Then, click on the 3 dot icon on the 'Full Name of Company' column. Select Filter and use the space given to search for the Vendor

How can I invite my vendors to participate in a quotation, tender or reverse auction?

If your vendor is not already a WeManage user, go to your Home page and share the Vendor Registration Invite Link to your vendor. They can use that link to create a self-service account and associate with your company.
Once they register for an account and their company profile is approved by your organization, they can be invited to participate in sourcing activities.

I am a Vendor


Who is considered a Vendor?

Vendors are companies that wish to supply Goods and/or Services to Buyers via the WeManage e-Procurement platform. Please create an account in We Manage to Buyer to connect with you for any type of tender.

What can I do as a WeManage Vendor?

Once you register for a Vendor account in WeManage, you will be able to:

  • Advertise your company profile on the Marketplace
  • Associate with Buyers as their trusted Vendor
  • Respond to requests for eQuotations, eTenders and eBidding
  • Respond to Awarded Contracts and Purchase Orders
  • Manage Delivery Orders and Invoices

Are Vendor accounts always free?

Yes. Vendors do not need to pay to create and use their WeManage accounts.


I could not register as a Vendor as it said that the Registration No./ Organization No. already exists.

The Registration No./Organization No. is a unique identifier for each company. If you see this message, it is likely that your Administrator has already registered the number with us as a Vendor. Do reach out to your Administrator or send us an email at enquiry@wemanage.cloud, and we will be happy to assist.

Where can I find the Type of Registration for my company?

You can find the Type of Registration information in your Company Profile by clicking on the Business Details tab.

How do I register as a vendor ?

Once your profile as a vendor has been approved, you can be invited to participate in key procurement activities

How do I register as a Vendor under a specific Buyer ?

You may request for a registration link from the Buyer.
After clicking on the link, you can register as a new Vendor under the Buyer, or login with your existing account to associate with them.

Can I register as a vendor using an old SSM registration ID?

To register for a vendor account, you will need a new SSM registration ID with a 12 digit number. Old registration IDs will not be able to proceed with the process.

Can I select more than one account type when registering for an account ?

Yes, vendors can select one or more account types when registering for an account.

I received an error message stating that 'Vendor is unable to proceed for registration due to Registration No. already existing'. What should I do?

This may occur if an account already exists for your organization. In this case, you may need to contact our support team in order to reset the account password. You will need to verify that your email is correct before we proceed with this action.

I received the following error when submitting my registration profile. "AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE PROCESSING YOUR REQUEST"

This could be a bug in the system. Please report this issue via LiveChat or email us at support@wemanage.cloud so that we can check further.

Why is my status displayed as 'null'?

Please check whether the status of your user account is active or inactive. If the status is inactive, please contact WeManage support to activate your account

Company Profile

When will my Vendor Profile be available to Buyer(s) that I have associated with?

Once there is an association between a Vendor and a Buyer, the Buyer will be able to view the Vendor’s Profile, regardless of whether the Vendor Profile has been submitted or otherwise.

I have completed my company’s Vendor Profile. Why does the completion bar for Profile Completeness only show 99%?

The completion bar for Profile Completeness will only show 100% once you click on the Submit button. Once your profile is submitted, Buyers that you have associated with will be able to validate your profile.

Is it compulsory to fill up the nature of business field in the Company Profile ?

It is advisable to indicate at least 1 nature of business to assist Buyers in understanding the products and services offered by your company. Otherwise, the Background tab in your Company Profile will remain incomplete (the green tick will not appear on the tab) and you will be unable to submit the your Company Profile to Buyers.

Why I am unable to upload a document in my company profile

Please check if there are any special characters in the filename, and remove them so that the file can be uploaded successfully. You may also check if your file exceeds the maximum allowed size.

How can I know whether my company profile has been completed ?

Your dashboard will show a completion bar indicating your profile completion. Once it shows 100%, this means that your profile is complete and the associated buyer will be able to validate your profile

Why can't I see the submit button after completing my company profile?

Make sure all of the required information is completed in each tab, which is indicated by a green checkmark at the top of the page. You will be able to submit your profile once all tabs display the green checkmark.

How can we know whether our application as a vendor has been approved?

Once approved, you will be able to see that your application status on your dashboard has been changed to 'Approved'.


What is e-Tender?

e-Tender is a web-based portal that allows vendors to respond (Accept/Decline) to tender invitations online. Vendors can submit their tender proposals (technical / commercial proposal) as well as pricing via the online platform. Moreover, Vendors can also ask clarification questions, submit supporting documents, as well as manage Awards, Delivery Orders and Invoices in the same system.

Why didn't I receive a notification email from my Buyer to associate with them?

Notification emails regarding invitations to associate with Buyers will only be sent to users with the Admin role. If you are a user with only the Finance and/or Sales’ role, you will not receive the notification emails.

Why didn't I receive a notification email to respond to an invitation to bid?

Notification emails regarding invitations to bid will only be sent to users with the Admin and/or Sales role. If you are a user with only the Finance role, you will not receive notification emails for invitations to bid.

How can I join a tender or quotation ?

Vendors are only able to join a tender or quotation after they have been invited by the buyer. They may also participate in open tenders without a specific invitation.
Contact your buyer if you would like to enquire about participating in a specific tender or quotation.



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Online Banking and PayPal.

Which credit cards do you accept for payment?

We accept credit and debit cards issued by Visa or Mastercard that are 3D Secure (Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure) enabled. All credit card information is protected using industry-leading encryption standards.

Please note that additional charges may be incurred if you use a non-Malaysian issued card due to foreign exchange fees.

How will I know if my payment was successful?

An email notification will be sent to you upon successful completion of your order.

What if I did not receive any notification?

You can send us an email at enquiry@wemanage.cloud and we will be happy to assist.

How do I request an official receipt?

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email notification from ipay88 containing your receipt. If you need an official receipt from us, you can contact us at enquiry@wemanage.cloud.

Do you store my credit card details?

No. Your security is important to us and we take it very seriously. Every credit card transaction occurs within a secure environment. We do not retain your credit card information after your order is completed; all information is submitted directly to the bank(s).

Cancellation and Refunds


How do I remove an item from the Shopping Cart?

You can remove an item by clicking on the recycle bin button in your shopping cart.

Can I cancel my order?

Sorry, cancellation of purchases upon payment is not allowed at this moment.

Data Security


What are the Password setting requirements?

The minimum characters for a Password are 8 characters.

Below are some suggested rules for setting a Password:

  • Password length is more than 8 characters
  • Contains lowercase and/or uppercase characters
  • Contains a combination of characters and numbers
  • Contains 1 special character
  • Contains at least 2 special characters

Below are the definitions of Password strength:

  • Weak: The Password meets 1 or none of the above rule
  • Medium: The Password meets 2 of the above rules
  • Strong: The Password meets 3 or more of the above rules

How secure is my tender information?

  • WeManage has SSL encryption for general access.
  • Company Admins can manage access controls based on user roles. Hence only the people in charge / users granted with the appropriate access authority will be able to access tender information.
  • Audit trails and access logs are available in the system.
  • All uploaded documents are encrypted, such as tender documents prepared by Buyers and documents submitted by bidders.
  • Commercial bids are hidden and protected prior to the completion of technical evaluations by the Buyer (depending on the evaluation method).

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