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Service Update

Released on 4 November 2022.

This article describes the fixes and new releases that are included in this version update. Check this article regularly as we continue to update the latest fixes and releases.

Updates for Buyer Accounts


  • New Tenders will no longer include the sourcing method (RFI, RFP, RFQ, DN, EB, OT, RT) in the Tender No.. The new Tender No. format will be WM-xxxx-yyyy, where x is a running number, and y is the year the Tender is created in. Existing Tenders will not be affected.
  • Open Tender and Restricted Tender are now merged as subsets of RFQ, RFP and RFI, and can be selected in the Tender Brief for new Tenders. The Open Tender and Restricted Tender tabs are now removed from the Tender Listing and Pending Tasks pages. NOTE: This change will not take effect if you have existing Open Tenders or Restricted Tenders submitted.
  • eBidding and Direct Negotiation are no longer parked within the Tender module. They are now independent modules and can be accessed directly from the App Launcher.


  • In Application Setting – Sourcing, Admins can now customize the Bidder Resubmission Method for Tenders. The settings supported include:
    • allowing only Buyers to trigger Tender Resubmission (default)
    • allowing Vendors to directly amend and resubmit Tenders
    • allowing Vendors to trigger a Tender Resubmission Request that requires approval
  • In Application Setting – Sourcing, Admins can customize the people in charge (PIC) for Tender Resubmissions. The options include Chairperson, Procurement Officer, Tender Initiator, and Tender Opening Committee.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Templates have received the following adjustments:
    • Column widths have been resized to improve readability
    • Default name of the Excel template has been changed to BOMTemplate_yyyymmddhhmm
    • The ‘Intent to Bid’ and ‘Justification’ columns have been moved to the right of the UOM column

Updates for Vendor Accounts


  • In Tender Pricing Summary, if there are child items parked under parent items, the total price for each parent item will be auto summed based on the price of its child items.
  • In the Bill of Materials (BOM) Template, you are no longer required to fill in the Quantity, UOM and Intent to Bid fields for Parent Items (I.e. items with Parent ID = 0)
  • After submitting a Tender, you may be allowed to directly amend and resubmit the Tender, or raise a Tender Resubmission Request to the Buyer. These options depend on the Buyer’s settings, and are not available by default.

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